Notice Large Customers

The Energy Efficiency Agency notifies all Large Energy Consumers (SMEs) that with the certification of the first Energy Auditors, the legal obligations on these entities will now be activated. According to the law, KME is a final consumer, which, it turns out, has an annual energy consumption greater than the equivalent of 3 million kWh per year.

Each KME has the following obligations:

1. Every legal entity, public or private, that is categorized as a major energy consumer is obliged to conduct an energy audit. (The list of certified Energy Auditors can be found on the website

2. Any legal entity that is categorized as a major energy consumer and is subject to statutory audit, must, within two years of receiving the audit results, take measures and perform the recommended actions to improve energy efficiency.

3. Large energy consumers are obliged to send to the Agency for Energy Efficiency, no later than March 31 of each year, a report with data on their energy consumption for the previous calendar year. (This obligation will apply starting from 31.03.2021)

4. Legal entities, public or private, which are categorized as large energy consumers, are obliged to appoint an energy manager.

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